What’s the Difference Between a Crate and a Kennel

Posted on August 23, 2022 by paigepesko

What’s the Difference Between a Crate and a Kennel

People will often use the terms crate and kennel interchangeably, but there are notable differences between the two. It’s a good idea to understand these distinctions so that you can purchase the correct enclosure for your dog.

Different Purposes

A kennel is incredibly similar to a doghouse. It’s a permanent structure meant to keep your dog in a specific area in your yard. The sturdy materials can withstand the outside elements of your region. Some kennels have roofs to help shelter your dog from rain or harsh sunlight.

Kennels are excellent to use if you don’t have a fenced-in backyard and want to provide your dog with fresh air. It’s a spacious opportunity for your dog to enjoy the outdoors without being leashed up.

Crates are smaller than kennels, and owners use them to house-train puppies or provide their dogs with a safe space to retreat to in the home. They also offer a safe and comfortable way to travel with your pup. Crates are portable and make it easy to transport your dog for a trip to the vet or on vacation.

Different Sizes

Crates and kennels are available in different sizes due to their purposes. Kennels need to provide enough space for dogs to move around, play, and rest. Plus, they’re often large enough to fit more than one pup. Crates are significantly smaller than kennels and only contain enough room for one dog. A dog should have space to stand up and turn around, but they can’t play or exercise in a crate.

Indoor Versus Outdoor

A kennel is meant to act as an outdoor home for your dog. You have to use strong materials for a kennel so it can offer protection and not blow away in strong wind. The crate’s design is meant for indoor use. You can set them up in a bedroom, living room, garage, or another space in your home. Use Gorilla Dog Bed’s chew-proof crate pads to ensure your dog has a comfortable place to lounge while they’re inside the crate.

Now that you understand the difference between crates and kennels, you can decide which is a better fit for your dog!