Why Your Big Dog Should Have Their Own Bed

Posted on October 3, 2022 by paigepesko

Why Your Big Dog Should Have Their Own Bed

Sometimes sharing a bed with your furry friend isn’t for the best. After all, you and your dog must sleep well to function properly during the day, and your sleep habits can clash. There are plenty of benefits to providing your dog with its own bed. From saving your furniture to preventing injuries, continue reading to understand why your big dog should have their own bed.

Provides a Dog a Space of Their Own

All dogs need a quiet place to rest and relax whenever they need. They appreciate having a valued place that’s all theirs—a place where they feel protected and safe. That’s where a dog bed comes into play. Besides, they’re not just our furry friends but family members too.

Prevents Injuries

Your bed may be too high for your dog to jump up onto. It may look like your pup can jump easily, but the high-intensity movement could result in injuries. Providing them with a cozy space on the ground can keep them safe from harm. Plus, they can easily climb into their bed as often as they please.

Supports Your Dog’s Joints

A dog bed suits the unique needs of your furry friend. Allowing your dog to curl up on the hard floor can harm your pup’s joints and cause poor sleep. Nobody wants their pup to feel exhausted and achy every day. We’re all more cranky and whiny when we don’t sleep well.

If you have an elderly dog, understand that their joints are even more sensitive. If you have an older pup, an orthopedic dog bed would greatly benefit them.

Preserves Your Furniture

Dogs are messy. They drool, track in dirt, and shed. If you’re tired of cleaning puppy prints off your sheets or wiping fur off your couch, it’s time to invest in a dog bed. Providing them with a dog bed of their own can help deter your pup from jumping onto your couch or bed and dirtying it. For many households, the less time your furry family member spends on the sofa, the better.

Better Sleep for Everyone

There’s nothing sweeter than cuddling up with your dog at the end of the day, especially when they’re a puppy. As your dog gets bigger, they begin to take up more space, making it difficult for you to sleep at night. Giving your dog their own space to sleep means everyone will sleep well.

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