Knowing What Size Prong Collar To Get Your Dog

Posted on September 20, 2022 by paigepesko

Knowing What Size Prong Collar To Get Your Dog

You may be intimidated to purchase a prong collar for your dog. You’re unsure which size or brand is right for your pup. We’ll make it easy and break down the different sizes. You’ll make the educated decision about which size will best fit your dog.


There are three standard sizes for prong collars.

  • Small: 2.25 mm
  • Medium: 3.0mm
  • Large: 4.0mm

Each dog will wear one of these sizes, depending on their size. You don’t want to harm your dog while using this training collar. You can add or take away prongs as your puppy grows.


The small size is perfect for dogs up to 80 pounds. You can easily add more prongs to the collar when needed. It’s the most sensitive collar of all sizes, and you want to ensure it sits properly.


The perfect in-between size for dogs up to 200 pounds, the medium-sized collar can still fit exactly to your pup’s neck. It’s less sensitive than the small but more sensitive than the large.


This size collar is the hardest to take off and put on. It’s also the hardest to size correctly to your furry friend’s neck. The larger links make it challenging to get an exact fit.

Which Size Is Best?

Understanding the basic standard sizes will help you determine which size is best for your furry family member. Most dogs will fit into the size small, which is excellent. For bigger dog breeds or pushier dogs, go with the medium-sized collar. You need the versatility these two sizes bring to the table; otherwise, you could end up hurting your pup.

Where Should the Collar Sit?

The collar shouldn’t hang down on your pup’s neck. It should sit right below the jawline on your pup’s neck to ensure proper usage. Don’t remove or put on the collar by slipping it over your dog’s neck. Unhook the links by pinching one of the links and pulling them apart.

When you decide which size prong collar is best, browse the collars Gorilla Dog Beds offers. We have a wide selection of steel dog collars ready to go. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your beloved pup.