4 Ways You Can Give Your Dog the Best Sleep

Posted on April 28, 2022 by paigepesko

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to sleep, and your dog keeps waking you up all night long, or you can hear them walking around downstairs. Is there any way you can help your dog sleep? There is! These are four ways you can give your dog the best sleep.

Ensure They’ve Had Adequate Exercise

A well-exercised dog is a sleepy dog. If your dog seems to have a tough time falling asleep or seems agitated, it’s likely because your pup hasn’t had enough exercise for the day. Take them for a walk around the block or enjoy a game of fetch in the backyard a few hours before bedtime. Let them go to the bathroom and run around for a bit to ensure all the wiggles are gone.

Have a Consistent Routine

Consistency is crucial when you’re helping any animal learn a behavior. It will become a pattern if you allow your dog to wake you up in the middle of the night. Your pup will begin to think that the behavior is acceptable because they’ve woken you four nights in a row at three o’clock in the morning.

Make your dog’s last bathroom break right before bedtime, and don’t allow them to go outside again until you’re both up in the morning.

Consider Your Dog’s Sleeping Environment

You need to provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep. They need a safe space with a warm, soft bed and blanket if they enjoy them. Gorilla Dog Beds has an excellent assortment of durable large dog beds for you to choose from and purchase.

Do your best to limit loud noises or excessive lights in the room or area where your dog is sleeping.

Don’t Share Your Bed

As tempting as it may be, bedsharing with your dog could result in neither of you sleeping well. It increases the risk of skin infections and can inflame your allergies or asthma, not to mention that it can lead to disruptions like barking and movement.

Avoid having a grumpy dog and follow these four ways you can give your dog the best sleep. After all, a dog who sleeps well is happy!