Tips for Getting Your Dog To Sleep in Their Own Bed

Posted on May 12, 2022 by paigepesko

When you first get your puppy, you want them to be always around—including for bedtime snuggles. However, training your dog to sleep in its bed is essential for pet parents, especially if you don’t want to be constantly woken up by dog breath and snoring in your face!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with occasionally letting your fur baby sleep in the bed with you, but if you are the type of owner who doesn’t like their dog to be on your furniture, then you might need a little guidance in this department if your dog is used to sleeping on your bed. Keep reading for five tips for getting your dog to sleep in their own bed.

Invest in a Comfy Bed for Your Dog

Invest in the coziest and most comfortable dog bed to ensure your furry friend gets the perfect slumber. There are various beds for your pup, from memory foam beds to orthopedic beds.

When searching for a bed, consider the design, size, material, and how comfortable it is when your canine decides to stretch out. It is important to remember that dogs sleep up to 14 hours a day, so finding the right mattress is essential.

Put Their Favorite Items in Their Bed

When training your dog, turn their bed into a familiar space for them to relax. Add your dog’s favorite toy, blanket, or plushie to make the bed more inviting. You can also rub your hands all over the bed or put something with your scent on their bed to help them become more comfortable.

Train in a Room That’s Not Your Bedroom

Ensure that you train during the daytime in a room that is not your bedroom. Place your puppy’s bed or crate in another room to help ease the transition from your bed to their bed. Try placing your dog’s bed in a guest room or the living room to prevent them from automatically jumping on yours.

Establish Basic Commands

Establish a “go to bed” command to direct your dog to their bed. Your order can be as simple as “time for bed,” “sleep time,” or “go to your bed,” but it needs to be consistent throughout your training.

Once your dog understands what “go to bed” means and associates the phrase with their bed, they will eventually go to their designated bed without a fuss.

Positive Rewards and Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement and rewarding their good behavior are always great motivators when you begin training your dog. Once your pup gets into bed without your command, reward them with their favorite treat or dental chews.

Showing your dog love will encourage them to continue their good behavior. However, remember to stop giving them treats eventually; otherwise, they’ll expect one every time they go to bed!

If you want your dog to sleep in its bed, it is possible, but it takes time. Be patient with your fur baby and stay consistent. Use our tips for getting your dog to sleep in their own bed to ensure you and your dog get the best sleep possible.