How an Orthopedic Dog Bed Can Help Their Arthritis

Posted on April 1, 2021 by paigepesko


According to the American Kennel Club, dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping, 30% lounging around, and 20% just being active. And as they enter the senior portion of their life, they require even more rest. Older dogs are also prone to arthritis, which makes joints achy and sore. With so much time spent lying down, a sturdy, supportive bed is essential for ensuring better sleep and reducing pain. Plus, durable, comfortable, high-quality orthopedic beds offer special features for the arthritic dog. Learn how an orthopedic dog bed can help their arthritis so your dog can rest in optimal comfort.

Senior Dogs Can Sleep More Soundly

Many arthritic dogs have trouble sleeping through the night as they age. They may switch positions, go back and forth between sleeping spots, or even pace restlessly. Night pacing is often a sign of pain, indicating the dog is having trouble sleeping due to discomfort. The thick supportive cushioning provides supported comfort from head to toe. The sturdy foam relieves pressure on sore joints and protects the body from sinking to the hard floor below. The material has just enough give to ensure all-night comfort so arthritic dogs can rest through the night.

Orthopedic Beds Protect Delicate Joints

Even senior dogs with no outward signs of pain may be silently suffering. Canine arthritis and other related conditions often go undiagnosed or get shrugged off as typical signs of aging. Studies show that many large breed dogs suffer from joint pain, with smaller dogs closely behind. The material used in traditional dog beds will usually fall under the dog’s weight, causing joints and other pressure points to sink to the ground. The material provides just enough give to ensure an excellent night’s sleep for your senior dog.

Easier for Seniors To Get Up and Down

Dogs with arthritis have a much harder time getting in and out of bed. As their bodies age and their joints weaken, many senior dogs have trouble accessing their favorite sleeping spots. Overstuffed dog beds can be challenging to climb into, leading them to choose the cold ground instead. Seniors also have a hard time getting back up from lying down. Orthopedic beds are designed to hold their shape, so there is no need to make them overly stuffed or thick. The firmness and lower profile make it much easier for dogs with arthritis to climb into and out of bed.

Gorilla Dog Beds has a premium selection of orthopedic dog beds. Their Gorilla Ballistic fabric is engineered to hold up to the most robust dogs. An indestructible orthopedic mattress lets your dog be itself, as they can chew and scratch the material without worry. With a lifetime Won’t Flatten Warranty, you can’t go wrong. Make sure your arthritic dog has the support and comfort they need. Let your dog show you how an orthopedic dog bed can help their arthritis. You and your dog will be glad you did.