Plush Pup™ Nesting Bed Featuring Cordura®- Round



Plush Pup™ featuring Cordura® Nesting Bed

Plush Pup featuring Cordura® nesting beds are made from the softest material available for your high-end dog.  This ultra-luxurious feel is as soft as it gets and is backed with a special material that adds loft and eliminates stretch while adding excellent durability and strength. Made from 100% breathable polyester fibers, it resists dirt, odor, mildew, stains, and is machine washable.  The sides and bottom portion of the bed are composed of Cordura® fabric which is commonly used in military applications for its durability. Plush Pup Cordura® nesting beds are triple stitched for added strength. We are the only dog bed company that uses a true triple stitched seam for incredible strength. This bed is luxurious, tough, durable, and is the most comfortable surface possible for your pampered pooch.

Our inner nesting cushion is made of a very tough, breathable, and densely woven material. It is much stronger than the mesh materials used by other dog bed manufacturers and does not snag on Velcro. Our nesting mattress is made to last and has special inner chambers that prevent the polyester fill from clumping while maintaining the bed’s shape. Air can circulate through the nesting mattress which keeps it fresh and resistant to mildew and other odors. We use more fill than other beds companies to ensure that your dog has the best possible support and comfort. Both the top cover and inner cushion are machine washable.


  • Luxurious breathable comfort
  • American made with certified foam by CertiPUR-US
  • Military Grade Cordura® on sides & bottom
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Clump resistant inner cushion
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dirt, mildew & odor resistant

Washing & Maintenance Instructions

All Gorilla Dog Bed covers, kennel covers, and liners are machine washable.  Our nesting poly fill mattresses are also washable, but all our foam mattresses and crate pads are NOT.  Orthopedic mattresses should be exposed to fresh air when needed.  Our covers and liners should be washed separately and not with other laundry. Close the Velcro cover completely before washing.  Wash in a cold water and a delicate cycle. Liners should be washed unzipped and open to allow air to escape.  We do not recommend heat drying for any of our products.  Air drying will ensure the longevity of the covers and liners.  For easy cleaning and spot treatment, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off stains, dirt, or hair.  An upholstery attachment for your vacuum can also be used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best thing I could have done

My new to me 11 month old puppy had/has a chewing fetish. This Plush Pup Nesting Bed has been the best thing ever. She did chew the tag off in two days, but has done no damage to the bed. I am going to order a crate pad in the next few days, also.

Best Bed.......

My 7 year old Bull Dog loves his new bed. I wanted something tough yest durable. This bed is very soft and sturdy at the same time. It makes me happy to see him so comfortable and am sure it will last a very long time. Thank you

Absolutely the best bed out there

I have a 130lb Rottweiler named Jimmy who loves to dig before he lays down. The problem was is that every bed I ever purchased for him was destroyed in about a day because none of the materials would hold up to his digging. I was at a vet office and noticed an ad for Gorilla Dog Beds and was impressed with what I saw and figured that this may be the best solution. I made my purchase and noticed right away that the cover and mattress was made like no other. All I can say it has been about 7 months now and the cover looks brand new after it's washed. It paid for itself 5 times over with all the other junk out there is no comparison at all. Superb product and could not be happier.


We received our ALL AMERICAN MADE Plush Pup bedvery quick after being ordered. The quality cannot be beat. The soft cover long with the use of Cordura makes it the most comfortable and long lasting bed on the market. My 95lb Dane/Pitt mix has plenty of room on this size bed, it’s HUGE but exactly what we needed for him. Even though this is a nesting bed it has great support which was surprising and welcomed for this size of bed. Extremely happy with he quality. Thank you Gorilla Dog Beds.

A Excellent and Perfect Dog Bed!!!

This is my second time ordering from Gorilla Dog Beds and I am very happy with my purchases. I have a 3-year-old 90 lb German Shepherd and the size is perfect! The padding is so thick and comfortable and he loves his new Nesting bed! The cover is so plush and soft and is easy care and looks brand new after each time it is washed.. You will not be disappointed with this bed or the company. Highly recommend!