The Essential Gear You Need To Train Your New Dog

Posted on December 12, 2022 by paigepesko

The Essential Gear You Need To Train Your New Dog

If you’ve just brought a new dog into your home, congratulations! It’s such an exciting time for any family. Now it’s time to begin the fun part: dog training. Purchase the following essential gear you need to train your new dog to ensure a successful experience for you and your pup.

Your Dog’s Favorite Small Treat

Providing your dog with their favorite treat as a reward is a surefire way to succeed at dog training. Positive reinforcement is the backbone of teaching your pup acceptable behavior, and you’ll see desirable results when you reward them with their favorite treat.

There are just a few factors to consider for training treats. Look for low-calorie, nutritionally dense small treats that are moist or semi-moist. And ensure they have a strong smell, so your dog’s nose can pick up on the scent.

A Good Collar or Harness

This training item may sound obvious, but it’s essential. Collars provide a place to clip the leash and hold your dog’s ID tags in case they get away from you. Ensure your pup’s training collar is not too tight, as a tight collar could lead to skin issues. Gorilla Dog has a wonderful array of stainless steel dog collars that will fit your pup comfortably and facilitate easy training.

You should also consider using a harness while out walking with your dog and training them. These devices provide more comfort for your dog and allow you optimal control.

A Strong Leash

A training leash is usually between four and six feet long. You want to provide some slack for your dog, but not enough that they will pull. You also want to avoid a leash that doesn’t have enough length, as it could become uncomfortable for your pup. Consider a waist-clip leash for hands-free training.

House Barriers

If you have rooms that will be off-limits to your dog, invest in gates, crates, or playpens. These barriers will let your dog know they can’t enter. These barriers can be especially helpful on staircases and in specific rooms where they’ve been getting into mischief.

Most of all, ensure you stock up on patience when it comes to dog training. It’s time consuming, but the results are well worth the time and effort. With the essential gear you need to train your new dog, you’ll have a well-trained canine friend in no time. Best of luck!