Why You Shouldn’t Crate Your Dogs Together

Posted on August 25, 2023 by Team Gorilla

Why You Shouldn’t Crate Your Dogs Together

It might seem like a clever idea to save space and crate your dogs together. While it might be beneficial for your sake, how will it affect your dogs’ emotions? Read the reasons why you shouldn’t crate your dogs together and what you should do instead!

Dogs Need a Safe Space

Humans benefit from having their beds surrounded by personal belongings. They feel secure so it’s easy to fall asleep at night.

Think of the crate as if it’s your pup’s bedroom. It’s supposed to be a safe, comfortable space.

Adding another dog to the enclosure might have an adverse outcome. It can disrupt your dog’s serenity, cause substantial stress, and worsen anxious emotions.

Dogs Can Become Potentially Aggressive

Dogs are inherently territorial. Adding another animal to their safe space is akin to introducing a threat. This introduction could result in potentially aggressive behavior. Barking, scratching, and biting might occur if your dogs are in a crate together.

Small Dogs and Large Dogs Need Ample Room

You might think it’s easier to place two small dogs into one crate at night to save room. Or use an enormous crate for a small and a large dog to go to sleep at night.

The truth is that neither is a favorable solution. No matter the size of your dogs, they each deserve individual crates. Saving a little space isn’t worth the distress your dog may feel when crammed into a crate.

What Can You Do Instead?

After reading the reasons above, it’s clear that you shouldn’t crate your dogs together. Here are a few things to make sure you do to ensure your dogs feel at peace.

First, make sure you have a crate for each of your dogs. Personalize the spaces with a comfortable dog crate pad and their favorite toys.

Place the crates next to one another if your dogs are best buds and social beings. This arrangement will retain their individual spaces while establishing a comforting environment knowing their friend is right beside them.