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About This Product

Gorilla Tough Dog Crate Covers™ 100% American made

Our Cordura® Tough Dog Crate covers are incredibly durable and have a proprietary backed coating, making them water-resistant and great for outdoor use. The US armed forces use Cordura® in many different applications, primarily because of its extreme durability, abrasion, and puncture resistance. Gorilla Dog Beds® uses the best materials available to make the highest quality products on the market.  Gorilla Tough Dog Crate covers™  fit standard size crates perfectly, but we can also make them any size needed for custom applications. They are easy to clean, can be removed easily, and are machine washable.

The Gorilla Tough Dog crate covers help block the wind and insulate your K9 in chilly and hot weather. Roll up the side panels to provide various ventilation options. Dogs chew because anxiety and benefit from a cozy crate den-like atmosphere. Anxious dogs tend to feel more comfortable and prefer having a crate covered, making them feel safe and secure.

Washing Instructions

All Gorilla Tough Dog Crate covers are machine washable.  Wash in cold water and a delicate cycle without any other laundry. We do not recommend heat drying for any of our products. Air drying will ensure the longevity of the covers and will limit any shrinkage.  For easy cleaning and spot treatment, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off stains, dirt, or hair. 

Customer Reviews

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LOVE!!! True to advertisement!!!

I had already wrote one review on the crate cover I purchased, but since that time, I am even more pleased. My grandson placed my pitbull puppy back in the kennel the other day without fastening the cover closed. She quickly reverted back to old behavior of pulling the cover through the holes from the edges she could grasp. She had previously punctured and chewed through everything! Not this!!! No puncture holes at all!!! No damage!!!! I couldn’t believe it. It’s true to durability and I’m very satisfied!!! She is chill with it on and fastened. It makes her feel comfortable. It keeps her from being destructive. Thank you for your durable products!! I may try a crate mat soon.


I was so happy when I found this site! My pit bull puppy will pull everything through her crate holes and destroy it! That’s with ample chew toys supplied. She was barking and whining ALL the time! I received this cover yesterday and it’s been bliss ever since! No more barking, whining, trying to destroy anything, and she slept so good last night! I’m considering a bed if she will not use it as a pee pad haha. The last bed was destroyed in minutes by her chewing and the breeder used pee pads so I’m just getting to the place where she gets potty is outside. Thanks so much for your service!

Happy dog

My dog and I are very happy with dog bed and crate cover. I only wish they were able to go in dryer. Had a late evening issue and had to wash. Out of necessity I had to put them in dryer on delicate setting and they both shrank a little. Still useable but not quite the same. I still recommend the products and have had a friend purchase

Mark Biolo

Outstanding quality! Looks great and the young beagle is very happy with his new bed.

Jasmine Williams

Gorilla Tough Dog Crate Cover™